Imitation Oak Beams

Imitation Oak Beam by Guildford Plasterers

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Imitation Oak Beams made from plaster are a fantastic alternative to real wood. They can be used

to compliment the existing decor and be matched to existing beams that are already in position, or

to hide a supporting structure like an RSJ. So if you’re planning an extension to your home or maybe

just renovating existing rooms, false oak beams could well provide a great solution with each knot

and grain carefully carved by hand.

Plaster Imitation Oak Beams – Why they’re better than the alternatives

False Oak Beams made from plaster are far better than resin based or plastic products. They can be

artistically designed to blend into the room with a final effect that means even a well trained eye will

struggle to tell they’re made of plaster rather than real oak. They’re also fire resistant and much

lighter than real oak so can often be installed in places where the weight, potential fire hazard or

maybe just the interior layout of the room could make fitting a real oak beam a major challenge.

They’re also much more cost effective than real oak, partly because the materials themselves are less expensive, but also because they can be ‘made to measure’ and therefore fitted to

any length, width and depth without any waste. So no matter what size you need your imitation oak beam, we can  create a hand crafted work of art that is unique but completely in

keeping with the rest of your decor.

Take a look at our gallery below and you’ll see just how ‘real’ these imitation beams look and you will probably be surprised at the prices, especially when compared to real oak!

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Here are some examples of our imitation oak beams at various stages.

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