Grand Designs Project

Many of us love to watch Channel 4’s Grand Designs whether for inspiration or entertainment, what most of us don’t expect is to find ourselves appearing on it!

Well that’s exactly what happened to Adrian Higgs when he was contracted to help Alan the man responsible for building a large Art Deco style house on the outskirts of Guildford for Andrew and Helen Berry.

The house presented some major challenges, not least of which was the huge entrance that was to be the centre piece for the whole Art Deco design. This involved some very difficult rendering that as Kevin Mccloud commented, the rendering ‘ had to be perfect’ and ‘had to do it beautifully’ ┬áThe other plasterers on site were not keen to take this on, but Adey was happy to put his reputation on the line and ensure the entrance was finished exactly as the architect intended.

As these clips from the original Grand Design programme show, he rose to the challenge and delivered something that Kevin Mccloud said was ‘so sharp so kind of crisp’ and ‘what an extraordinary statement it makes, it’s so authentic’. The owners of the house, Andrew and Helen were very happy with the end product and Helen commented that ‘we weren’t sure if it was going to work, but it has and we’re so please with it’.

The first of two videos shows Adey at work and the second shows the finished job and the glowing comments made by the owners Andrew and Helen Berry and Helen and presenter Kevin Mccloud.

Adding the Render to the Front of the House

The Finished Art Deco House